Research Center

Creative Design For Human Oriented Future Mechanical Systems


( BK21 PLUS PROJECT Team of UNIST Mechanical Engineering Department is aiming for “Creative Design Research and Education for Human Friendly Future Mechanical System and Training of High-Quality Human Resources through Education”. For this purpose, this Team is aimed at training the core design human resources for taking the lead in the creative economy of the Ulsan region and Korea as well by developing quality educational programs of the future mechanical system, and carrying out the world-class level of research in the field of human-friendly intelligence robots, multi-dimensional, multi-physics & future-oriented convergence mechanical system.

The Center for Advanced Pseudo-satellite (CAPs)


The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or so-called drones) nowadays have a pronounced impact on a wide variety of applications such as smart disaster-monitoring equipment, delivery services, and surveillance vehicles for military applications. UNIST opened an intensified research center, which is called the Center for Advanced Pseudo-satellite (CAPs), for developing smart drones operating at medium/high altitudes under the extreme environment. The CAPs will also develop intelligent sensors and actuators for acquiring important data and generating forces for the robust control of the drones and will also conduct an interdisciplinary research on the development of new materials, manufacturing technologies, and underlying physics, all of which can be used for the extreme environment.

Center for Evolutionary Nuclear Technology and Engineering Research

차세대 원자로 시스템 연구소

A unique and highly-proliferation-resistant, ultra-long cycle fast reactor (UCFR) concept is expected to be developed, which can contribute to the management of the domestic PWR spent fuel. The new UCFR concept is only weakly subject to the Korea-US nuclear agreement and can be used for a future domestic fast reactor development. A ultra-long life core materials are expected to be developed in this center and they can also be utlized in the on-going national fast reactor programs. A successful fulfillment of this project will lead to development of world-leading key technologies for UCFR. It aims to develop a high-performance, unique UCFR concept and ultra-long life reactor materials for UCFR.

Future Nuclear Environmental Safety Center


Future Nuclear Environmental Safety Research Center (FNESRC) is an environmental radiation laboratory operated by UNIST. FNESC addresses environmental radiation monitoring and analysis around nuclear power plants and urban area, radiation public health, safety of radiation environment, advanced environmental radioactivity analysis technologies including the development of the nuclide recognizing prompt radiation distribution monitoring system. This center has HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry systems, Liquid Scintillation Counter, portable detectors, etc.

NPP D&D Technology Fusion Research Center

원전 해체 기술 융합 연구센터

NPP D&D Technology Fusion Research Center is a research center leading the development of the advanced fusion technology of decontanimation and decommissioning for nuclear power plants operated by UNIST. This center focuses the establishment of NPP D&D technology including dismantled site low level radiation measurement, high radioactive environment robot-remote cutting, concrete recycling aggregate durability, radioactive waste treatment, etc. It addresses the verification and application of the core D&D technology for nuclear power plants in cooperation with domestic and foreign related organization