Fields of Invitation

Fields of Invitation Detailed Majors
School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering ▪Thermo-Fluids
▪Artificial Intelligence
▪Advanced Manufacturing
※ An Applicant with outstanding achievement can be considered
irrespective of his or her major research area
School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering
(Nuclear Science and Engineering)
▪ All fields in nuclear engineering


1. Holding a related Ph.D (possible to apply if your degree is expected before the appointment.)
2.  Proficiency in English is required.
※ More applications from well experienced women scientists are encouraged.
※ More applications from well industrially experienced scientists are encouraged.

Application Procedure

  1. 1. Online application only (Go to Here – Professor Invitation Application for Professorship)
  2. 2. Seminar&Interview : TBD

Documents to be submitted

  • 1. Curriculum Vitae
    • A. A complete list of your research or performance achievements
    • B. In which five most prominent research result should be underlined and show your involvement
  • 2. List of references (with contact information) – at least 3 people
  • 3. Future research plan
  • 4. Five prominent research results(as PDF files)

Further Questions should be addressed to

1. Office of Academic Affairs
2. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
3. Email)
4. Tel) 052-217-1104