Admission Eligibility

  • One of the followings should be fulfilled.
    • Foreign applicants who have completed elementary, middle, and high school or have equivalent certificate(s), and whose parents are not Korean citizens
    • Foreign applicants with foreign citizenship who have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea or have equivalent certificate(s)
    • Korean applicants who have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea and have not enrolled any school(s) in Korea

Number of Students Admitted

  • The number of the admitted is not fixed and may vary according to evaluation results.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Academic Programs
Schools Track
Engineering Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Science and Engineering, System Design and Control Engineering
Urban and Environmental Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering, Urban Infrastructure Engineering Disaster Management Engineering
Design and Human Engineering Industrial Design, Human and Systems Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Materials Science, Nano Materials Engineering
Energy and Chemical Engineering Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering
Life Sciences Biomedical Engineering, Biological Science
Natural Science Physics Chemistry, Mathematical Science
Business Business Administration ManagementFinance, Accounting Entrepreneurship

  • Applicants should choose an affiliation (Engineering, Business Administration) when they apply. All the admitted students belong to Division of General Studies during their freshman year.
  • Students should declare their tracks at the end of their freshman year.
  • All the students are required to major in two or more tracks. Two tracks can be chosen from the same school.
  • Names of the schools and tracks are subject to change.

For More information, visit Admission WebSite (http://adm-u.intl.unist.ac.kr/)