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Warm Greetings,

The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Science Engineering (MANE) in UNIST is comprehensively dealing with the most fundamental mechanics in engineering and simultaneously leading the development of convergence technologies with several diverse research fields. It covers the production of new renewable energy, development of innovative transportations for spatio-temporal shortening, automation, control and robot technologies for human convenience, micro/nano technologies and complicated multi-physics simulations for overcoming physical limitations, and future-oriented bio-mechanical systems for enabling communication between human and machine. The MANE in UNIST is unique in our country because Department of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering (MAE), Department of Nuclear Science Engineering (NSE), and Department of System Design and Control Engineering (SDC) belong to the same school. However, the three departments aim at the same mission and devotion in order to provide a boundless momentum for the development of automobiles, shipbuilding, heavy industry and nuclear power plants in Ulsan through world-class education and research. In the near future, the momentum will be able to renew Ulsan, the industrial capital of Korea, as a cutting-edge industrial city in the world.

Our school started with a total of 7 faculty members during its opening in 2009, and as of 2017, it has secured total 32 faculty members, comprising 600 undergraduate students and about 110 graduated students at present. In spite of a short 7-year school history, the MNE has shown remarkable achievement by launching the Basic Atomic Energy Research Institute (BAERI), the BK21PLUS project (, and the Center for Advanced Pseudo-satellite (CAPs). In addition, the MNE is multilaterally doing the best endeavor to not only be awarded national mega-projects like ERC within the next 5 years but also leap over the world-class universities.

Hereupon, our faculty members promise to strive with passion and spirit for educating students who will be global human resources required by the era of convergence through characterized and specialized research work. Additionally, we sincerely promise to establish the MANE as a frontier that leads in developing innovative original technologies other than a follower that only tries to keep up with advanced technologies.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could watch us with great concern and encouragement.


School Head of School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering
Mar. 1st, 2014